P&Co lost cause inspiration collection blog 2018
From the outset we knew we wanted a spring collection that captured the rebellious & carefree nature of our brand, and a name that reflected just that. A ‘Lost Cause’ is something or someone with no destination in mind- it’s all about the journey and making the most of any time, place or situation. Lost Cause as a collection name re-enforces this ideology of dropping everything, getting lost and living in the moment.

P&Co lost cause inspiration collection blog 2018
The overall concept behind ‘Lost Cause’ was to create something nostalgia driven. We wanted to return to a time when the arrival of Spring meant getting out, getting lost and actually living. We felt that the classic American counter culture movies such as Dennis Hopper’s ‘Easy Rider’ (1969)- the story of two ‘outlaws’, out on the roads of Southern & South West America, seeking alternative lifestyles on their choppered up Harley’s captured this element perfectly.

However, it was the gritty & sun-speckled visuals of both ‘Easy Rider’ & Tarantino’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’(1996) that really inspired our lookbook imagery and the Utah location that formed the backdrop to our collection.

Empty miles, desert roads and sandstone formations- what better place to define ‘getting lost’ than Goblin Valley, Utah.

The opening credits of both films also inspired our statement typography used within the campaign video and on the individual garments- reiterating the old school vibes and keeping in line with our loud graphic style.

P&Co lost cause inspiration collection blog 2018
Tattoo culture has always been a huge part of our design process, and in-keeping with the nostalgic feel of the collection we took a huge amount of influence from the ‘father of the old school tattoo’- Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. Many of the more traditional tattoo subjects, that appear within the Lost Cause collection, hold common meanings that relate to the ‘Lost Cause’ concept.

See reference: www.sailorjerry.com/en/tattoos

The Skull:
The skull represents commitment and a dedication to something until that persons dying day ("ride or die"). Skull tattoos were traditionally designed for the adventurers and the risk takers- “people who’s life choices represented coming to terms with death” or openly defying it (“Wild Ones Never Die”).

The Snake:
Usually seen coiled and ready to strike; snake tattoos symbolise potency and a ‘ready to take on anything’ attitude.

The Eagle:
Often associated with American culture the eagle is seen as an iconic figure of fearlessness and strength. “Standing with the courage of its convictions” those who wear the eagle are unlikely to back down for anyone.

P&Co lost cause inspiration collection blog 2018
Fusing the filmic look, surf & tattoo inspired graphics with 70’s style garments such as our all new custom ringer tees & raglans, and our take on the classic worker jacket- the ‘Lost Cause’ Collection is enough to make anyone want to get out and go off on a road trip to nowhere- just like the old times.