Whilst we’re here building up the layers & heating up the hand grips, winter in Bali is a whole other story. We gave photographer Huck Mountain a break away from the cold, and sent him to the Indonesian island kitted out with a bunch of P&Co gear. Photography & Words: Huck Mountain

Riding in Bali is different. More comparable to riding a BMX here in the UK- weaving in and out of traffic, jumping off kerbs and very occasionally stopping for red lights. There are less rules and regulations, but it somehow seems to work. An organised chaos.

The guys over at Malamadre Motorcycles, custom builders based in Bali, were kind enough to lend us some bikes for the trip. So, when we arrived we dropped by their studio to pick them up. Built on the 'Yamaha Scorpio’ we went for a badass cafe racer & a tall tracker- not the fastest but they make a hella lot of noise. “Loud pipes save lives”- Huck Mountain

We headed north of the island through mountain passes and thick jungles. At one point we rode for an hour straight above the clouds, just watching the sunset behind Mt. Batur. It was insane. However the next few days were brought to a bit of a standstill as an illness forced us to stay indoors, so on the last day we decided to really (finally) get things moving and packed in as much as possible. We got up first thing & went to get tattooed at Nuage & Co.- a small tattoo shop down the road from Malamadre. Our artist, Aldo, works with traditional and naive style blackwork, and we sat for hours chatting about what it was like to grow up in Bali, and how it has changed over the years. New inks wrapped up, we hit up Mona & headed to the famous black sand beach. We had big plans for this place, but unfortunately when we got there it was like a scene out of Fast & Furious- on a much lower budget. There were about 500 locals racing up and down the coast. But we managed to get the bikes across the water and found a quieter spot. With only 15 minutes of light left, we grabbed some shots, Joe mastered his doughnuts & Mona tried her hand at a burnout. At the end of the night we dropped in to ‘Pretty Poison’- a Californian style skate bowl with a bar. With live music, tattoos, cheap booze an a skate jam; we couldn’t have found a much better way to end the trip. Overall our winter trip to Bali was pretty rad. We rode a lot of miles in different environments, broke down once or twice, met some cool locals & got stuck in torrential rain. A shot ton of it.