The Living Is Easy Collection shows a darker twist to P&Co. We have taken a core element from the brand and completely inverted it. This collection is about the contrast between life and death and the grey area in between. We abbreviated Living Is Easy to LIE. A reminder to have a deeper outlook on life, when something seems black and white, look deeper to realise that there is always more.

The Genesis tee takes inspiration from the Bible and the story of Genesis. We wanted to illustrate this message in a traditional form of printing. We used wood cuttings and old printing techniques to keep the design looking as if it was hand printed 100ʻs of years ago with a wood block.

The Shadowskull was our first design and kick started the idea for this collection. The Shadowskull gets itʼs name because it originally started life as a shadow being cast onto the wall. We experimented with lots of shadow puppets based around hands. We wanted to use hands to not only illustrate that they are something unique to every person but to also show that something very innocent and common in life can be twisted to portray a darker side. We wanted this illustration to show that through being human we are all bound to the same fate.This t shirt gave birth to the name of our collection.

The Living Is Easy collection. This tee is the final design of the 3 designs in this collection. This design was the final design we produced for this collection. As we were designing them we realised that the 3 designs next to each other tell a story. This design being the end, the dark contrast to life that we wanted to show from the initial concept for the collection. The quote in this design is there to be a wake up call to live life to its best and that by moving forward and not looking back; itʼs easy.


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