P&Co | Wheels & Waves 2024


Wheels and Waves has always been one of those festivals that just feels so right for us. A melting pot of surf, skate, bikes, and music; all glued together by a passion for customisation, no matter your craft. It's a place where we always feel at home. It had been five years since we'd been blessed by the Biarritz sun, so we were excited to head back. This year, being our first year having a stand with the brand, we were keen to be back on French soil to showcase what we had to offer. With numerous races spread across Biarritz and surrounding areas, art shows, and the main village at Cité de L'océan, there was something for everyone.

The week kicked off with an incredibly warm welcome from the festival crew. It was heartening to see so many people traveling from  across Europe, all of whom were stoked about the brand. From the get-go, our stand was bustling. By 1 PM every day, it was absolutely rammed with visitors. The interest in P&Co was overwhelming, with loads of people asking about potential partnerships, including some notable riders and photographers. Stay tuned for some exciting future collaborations!

Among the many visitors, we had a surprising encounter with one of the lead actors from a popular Netflix show. Trying to go incognito, he caught our eye as he picked out a small bowling shirt for his kid. It was one of those pinch ourself moments in an otherwise non-stop busy week. Although  we didn't get a chance to meet everyone at the other stands, we did manage to connect with Milo Hats. We shared inspiration and stories around photoshoots and campaigns, which was a refreshing exchange amid the chaos. It was also amazing to see our clothing out in the wild among the Triumph and Enfield stands, reinforcing the sense of community and shared passion.

Another highlight of the week was our photoshoot that took us into the Pyrenees mountains. It was a fun and unique experience, distinctly different from the usual Biarritz backdrop. We found ourselves navigating tiny roads in a huge rental van, almost venturing into private property with no way out! The weather was a rollercoaster, to say the least. It swung from very hot to very cold, shifting from 30 to 20 degrees, followed by rain. From Friday onwards, we were constantly on edge, fearing a flood was coming. It was dramatic and we had to dry everything out the next day, which was very unusual for the area. Us Brits must have brought our weather with us—sorry about that!


Amid the busyness, Nim and Gringo, our canine companions, were the  perfect salespeople. They helped us get through the week, drawing people to our stand. Visitors came to meet the pups and stayed for P&Co. Reflecting on the week, it’s clear that Wheels and Waves 2024 was a massive success. The warm welcome, the bustling stand, the potential partnerships, and the vibrant community all contributed to an unforgettable time. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many passionate individuals and showcase what P&Co has to offer. Here’s to many more adventures and collaborations in the future!