Meet the women who are doing what they love, not what they're told.

A while back we got a delivery arrive at the P&Co studio. It was a painting from Jet of one of our photos of rider & jeweller Imogen Lehtonen wearing P&Co. We were so impressed by her talent that we knew we had to work with her & decided to include her as part of our 'Do What You Love, Not What You're Told Campaign', which we launched to celebrate our global community of women, but also encourage others to do whatever makes them feel free & embrace their differences.

P&Co: Tell us about your art background, when did you start painting?

Jet: I have always loved painting as long as I can remember, and I graduated with BA(HONS) in Fine Art around 7 years ago, where I learnt a lot of my painting techniques and skills. The more that I painted, the more I found it could be incredibly therapeutic and powerful for myself and for others, so I worked to get my masters in art therapy, and practised this for a number of years. Now I work full time as a freelance artist. P&Co: Where does most of your inspiration come from?

Jet: I am really inspired by different people that I meet and talk to. I specialise in motorcycle art, so I love to learn about the unique stories of motorcycle builders, owners and riders around the world. Riding motorcycle's can enable people to have a sense of freedom, movement and creativity, so I try to create art that reflects this, as well as celebrate people who are doing what they love to do. P&Co: How do you feel about being a part of our campaign?

Jet: I'm really honoured to be part of the women's campaign! It's been really fun to be part of, and I think its awesome that P&Co are highlighting the women who are getting out there and doing what they enjoy! P&Co: Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

Jet: I have a really exciting ongoing project which is focused on celebrating bikers in the community. I aim to exhibit these portraits in the next year. I have several shows coming up that I am excited about and always love getting to meet new people and other artists too! P&Co: Why do you think it is important to highlight women doing what they love & not what they're told?

Jet: I think it's important for women to feel encouraged and free to do what they love to do, so that they feel able to embrace their own style and take risks, without being held back. There is definitely a sense of freedom and creativity in doing what you love!
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Jet Bailey:@stokeandbear
Photographer: Adam P Mane

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