Kate Allen: @kate.alien
Cole Allen: @cole.alien We caught up with Kate & Cole, owners of the all-female tattoo studio @ryottattooco in Rugby, UK, as they started work on renovating a 1988 airstream trailer into their new digs.

They told us about their plans for a road trip around Europe & the awesome vibe of working in an all female studio.

P&Co: Tell us a little about yourselves.
K&C: So we're Kate & Cole, we've been together almost 8 years now & married for 1. We're from Nottingham, UK & own an all female tattoo studio in Rugby. We first started tattooing in Corfu, Greece & from there went on to work in other studios until we opened Ryot Tattoo. We love to travel and are inspired by different cultures & people we meet along the way. P&Co: How did you got into tattooing?
K&C: A friend told us about a tattoo studio that needed artists back in 2014 & put in a good word for us even though we'd only ever tattooed each other. We shit ourselves at first but we were in Bulldog Tattoo Studio the next day, spending hours watching and learning from the incredible artists around us - it inspired us to open up Ryot Tattoo Co in 2017. P&Co: What's it like having an all-female studio?
K&C: To have our best friends as employees makes work more fun, it's always a good vibe. Our clients often give us free reign with their designs, and realise after a day with us why we're called 'Ryot'! The atmosphere tends to take their minds off of the pain we're putting them through. P&Co: Tell us about the Airstream you're working on.
K&C: We are currently renovating a 32ft 1988 Airstream trailer into a tiny home. We've ripped up the floors, re-done the walls & plan to have each room inspired by all the different countries we've visited. P&Co: What are your tattoo styles & do you ever collaborate?
Cole: I specialise in mandala, dot work, black work, geometric & fine line tattoos.

Kate: & I specialise in everything Cole doesn't want to do, just kidding! I specialise in black and grey, realism & colour.

Cole: We both have different styles so people can book specifically or swap between us both to get a mixture of styles. They might have an arm & leg by Kate & the other with me but we usually end up working together for bigger projects.

P&Co: How do you relate yourselves to @Pandco_women?
K&C: We love P&Co because it's not just another clothing brand that wants you to conform, it's something different & edgy that lets us be ourselves! P&Co: What are your future travel plans?
K&C: We're planning to travel a lot more of Europe next year by car with our dog Jag, who we rescued whilst out in Corfu. We also have Bali on the list too! Whenever we're not working, we're travelling!