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Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

P&Co: We thought about asking you if you have a favourite motorcycle, but I think we all already know the answer to that. Does it go by the name of Billie?

Katie: Haha, yep you guessed right, Billie is definitely my favourite motorcycle of the collection! She's a 1976 Honda CB400f Super Sport. A couple of years back I binned her up on the East Coast of Tasmania during a ride. She was pretty badly damaged. Fortunately, I came off fine with just a sore and grazed body. My friend Bob Sellers did most of the crash restoration. I had planned to give her a "Cafe" kinda look but still keeping a lot of her original design too, so I guess she is now a bit of a resto-mod.

P&Co: you spend a lot of your time going out on rides in your home state of Tasmania, what is it about this little state that you love to explore?

Katie: I absolutely love Tassie. As a rider, it ticks all the boxes. We have some of the best roads to ride, heaps of trails to explore amongst the trees, and a race track only twenty minutes away from my house. I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Tasmania is a pretty small state with a small population of about 515,000. You only have to ride for about an hour to experience the vast difference in terrain. It's wild!

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

P&Co: Off-road or out on the road?

Katie: I love both on and off-road. It's only recently I've been rediscovering my love for off road though. Now that Winter is coming in, riding out at Baskerville (Race Track) is less of a thing, so riding in the forests on weekends is something to get me by in the meantime.

P&Co: How long have you been riding now? Tell us about your first experience on a bike?

Katie: My first moto was a little 1980's Honda QR50. I think I got that when I was around the age of 8? That was the first time I had ridden a motorcycle too! However, I've only been riding on the road for about four years now. It feels really weird if I go a day without riding too!

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

P&Co: Who or what first inspired you to get on the back of a motorcycle?

Katie: It was a family friend was who sparked my interest in motorcycles. He would ride around to our house and I always thought he and his bikes were pretty cool. My best friend in early primary school also got me into riding Motocross, but I didn't do that for too long as I fell in love with riding horses and they took over my teenage life.

P&Co: You have the quote: “More throttle, more thrills” painted on your helmet, is this a mantra you live by?

Katie: That quote I love and live by, More Throttle More Thrills, is actually from my buddies over at Efficacy Clothing. The moment I saw it in print, it stuck with me.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

P&Co: It’s definitely clear that the live fast lifestyle is the one for you, have you got any races coming up? How often do you compete?

Katie: I don't really ride competitively anymore. My last race was in September doing the Baskerville Historics. Unfortunately, there isn't a class for Bucket Racers like the one myself and Roger built. The majority of guys out at track have much faster and modern bikes so there isn't exactly any fair competition for me. I do however really enjoy riding track days, improving my lap times and dialling in the little 1968 Honda CL175.

P&Co: Many people still see the motorcycle scene as quite a male-dominated culture, have you ever faced any challenges as a female rider?

Katie: Hmm not really any "challenges", no. I've had older blokes talk down to me about mechanics or just assume I know nothing because I'm a young woman. I kinda find it funny actually because when I converse with them about motorcycles, they're often surprised that I know my shit and can hold my own. It use to really frustrate me to be honest but now I try not let it bother me, what's the point!

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

P&Co: Were you happy to be asked to be part of P&Co’s ‘&Co’ campaign?

Katie: I always love collaborating with you guys, so yes! And thank you, I look forward to doing more stuff with P&Co.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Katie Abdilla &Co

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