Women's Cord Two-Piece

Cord On Cord

Our Cord Origin Jacket & Wide-leg Trousers are some of our bravest womenswear pieces to date. Combining vintage styling with practicality they are made from a chunky corduroy and each feature antique brass buttons & waist-adjusters to help you achieve the perfect fit. They were designed to be worn together, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules.

Origin Cord Jacket

Our Origin Cord Jacket was based on the classic Trucker style- which can be seen with traditional elements such as the button-closure chest pockets & point collar. However, the Trucker has been done time and time again, so we’ve added some of our own details to set this piece apart from the rest. 

The bold rust colour-way & slanted front pockets make it truly ours. A stand-alone jacket that will look just as good paired with denim jeans or black fatigues.



When you think of the ‘70s, you probably think of living free, pushing limits and flares. We took note and created our most out-there bottoms ever. Our Cord Wide-leg Trousers are a whole new style for us; as we left our comfort zone and opted for a high-waisted wide-legged fit, rather than our more classic tailored straight-leg. Crafted from the same 7 wale corduroy as our Origin Jacket- a fabric that is as strong & resistant as the era that inspired them.

7 Wale Corduroy

The width of the wales, or ridges within the corduroy, define the thickness and often the texture of the material- the lower the wale, the thicker the cord. We chose to work with a 7 wale cord, to create a thicker and more durable fabric that you can live & work in. 

Although our cord has been put through a wash to bring out its softer side, the cord will naturally soften & fade over time, highlighting stress points to create a unique garment.

Reliable & will last you a lifetime- what more do you want?