The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket
Built on Solid Foundations.

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We've travelled the globe in our denim jackets & clocked up some serious miles in them. We know better than anyone that travelling & living in denim is the best way to make it your own. So we've put all our knowledge & passion into creating a jacket that's made to go the distance & made to fade.

Introducing The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket- our best ever denim jacket crafted from a 15oz raw denim. Featuring the iconic red Selvedge line, it ages with wear to create a unique product for every owner.

What is Selvedge?

Selvedge refers to the manufacturing process of the denim. Selvedge denim is woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms that produce a tighter, more durable fabric that’s easily identifiable by the traditional red & white edge on the out-seam of any Selvedge product.

Why is Selvedge Denim Better?

The Selvedge denim process is much slower; meaning more time is taken to make sure every detail is given the right amount of attention. We wanted to secure the best possible fabric to create a superior jacket- which is why we chose Selvedge. The denim mills that use this process are considered to be the ‘denim artisans’ choosing quality yarn & dye to create their product. The iconic red & white selvedge edge is also a clear indication of quality.

What is Raw Denim?

Raw denim is simply denim that hasn’t been pre-washed- recognisable by its uniform colour & rigid feel. No other material characterises like raw denim as the yarn is only coated, rather than saturated with the dye. As you break it in, every crease, wrinkle & fade will tell a story. With wear, the rigid feel will also soften & develop to create a true-fit to your body. The idea with raw denim is to wash as little as possible- allowing the custom fit to continue to evolve.

Get out & start your journey. Denim is our business, what you do in it is yours.

The Origin Selvedge Denim Jacket launches tomorrow 6th February 2020.

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