The Paradise Roadshow 2020
Photos: @commonbloodmoto Paradise Roadshow 2020 - Plymouth Classic CarLast weekend, we sent John- one of our extended LA team, down to the Paradise Roadshow for the annual hot rod & motorcycle event held at The Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs. Paradise Roadshow 2020 - White Classic Steering wheelInspired by a 'simpler time' the Paradise Roadshow pays homage to the early American motor shows- showing an extensive collection of pre '79 custom classics in the Californian desert.Paradise Roadshow 2020 - Classic Pink Thunderbird It was awesome to not just see old cars being reworked & brought back to life, but also to see a whole new generation appreciating the cars & bikes from the eras that came before them. We also spotted a few P&Co pieces in the crowd which is always cool! Keep scrolling to see more of John's shots. Paradise Roadshow 2020 - Custom built HotrodsParadise Road Olive jacket with spiderParadise Roadshow 2020 - Motorbike with wind turbines in backgroundParadise Roadshow 2020 - Classic Car Dashboard with battery voltageParadise Roadshow 2020 - Classic wooden steering wheelParadise Roadshow 2020 - Vintage car with palm tree in the backgroundParadise Roadshow 2020 - Shangri la T-Shirt with tiger on backParadise Roadshow 2020 meet upParadise Roadshow 2020 - Classic baby blue motorbikeParadise Roadshow 2020 - Classic Muscle CarParadise Roadshow 2020 - Classic Blacked out motorbikeParadise Roadshow 2020 - Hotrod with red wheelsParadise Roadshow 2020 - People admiring white muscle carParadise Roadshow 2020 Event Paradise Roadshow 2020 - Classic Pick ups & Muscle carsParadise Roadshow 2020 - Aqua Green Cadillac CarParadise Roadshow 2020 - Custom made motorbike with extended exhaustParadise Roadshow 2020 Palm trees