Meet the women who are doing what they love, not what they're told.

When we came across one of Ginger's designs on Instagram boasting the phrase 'Beer is a Girls Drink', we knew she was a woman after our own hearts & someone we had to feature as part of our 'Do What You Love, Not What You're Told Campaign', which we launched to celebrate our global community of women, but also encourage others to do whatever makes them feel free & embrace their differences.

P&Co: Tell us a bit about yourself, describe your art style!

Ginger: I have always been influenced by vintage Americana themes and I think that shows through my art and style. I can never drive past an old motel sign without taking a photo, in the same sense I can never walk past a good pair of vintage coveralls without trying them on. P&Co: Would you say a lot of your work is empowering to women?

Ginger: I would say all of it is, even if the piece isn’t specifically of a woman or women’s issues - it’s still been created by a woman, and that’s empowering in itself. P&Co: Do you have a project that you are most proud of?

Ginger: I’m pretty proud of that time I did an animation for Lily Allen, mainly because I have been dancing in my bedroom to her since I was 14. I’m proud of every job I do though, sometimes I think back to when I felt lost and remember how lucky I am for the possibilities I’ve come across so far. I feel lucky but I also work my butt off so it’s a 50/50 feeling haha. P&Co: What're you doing when you're not painting?

Ginger: Roller skating or watching trashy TV shows - currently obsessed with Nashville.

P&Co: Why do you think it is important to highlight women doing what they love & not what they're told?

Ginger: Who likes doing what they’re told?! I’ve never been a fan. For example, I love drawing on walls. When I was in school I would get detention for it, and now I make a living off it. Never listen to negative people, just like your mum says - they’re just jealous.
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Ginger Taylor: @gingertaylorartist
Photographer: LUCIA BRAHAM

Ginger is a 31" Waist, 39" Bust, 38" hips & is wearing a size 12 in the 'Wild Days Overalls' & a size 10 in the 'In Caffeine We Trust Long-sleeve'.

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