Customise Your N1 Deck Jacket

Our Best Practice Guide

Military Inspired

Taking influence from the original WW2 issued ‘Cold Weather Uniform’ our N1 Deck Jacket was made with comfort & warmth in mind- featuring a classic sherpa lining throughout, storm cuffs & a storm front closure.

Available in navy & tan colour-ways, our deck jackets are good enough to keep plain. However, if you do decide to customise yours, we are including 3 limited edition artwork stencils with every N1 Deck Jacket order.*

Here is our ‘best practice guide’ for using our stencils, to help you create a more authentic custom design.


Products Used
Textil Plus Fabric Paint (White or Black)/ Seawhite of Brighton High-Tac Spray Mount/ Paint Brush/ Tape Measure

1. Select the stencil you want to use, making sure that you pop out any card left in the cut-out.

2. Lay your stencil on the jacket so that the bottom of the stencil falls in line with the centre of the second button on the jacket.

3. Mark your stencil positioning with tailor’s chalk (optional).

4. Spray the back of your stencil with a spray adhesive and press down onto the marked position on the jacket. You want to use this sparingly as you will need to peel off the stencil later.

5. Get some paint on your brush and dab off any excess to ensure you’re applying a thin layer. (Our advice is less is more. You can always add more paint should you need it, however, you cannot remove it. Less paint and pressure creates a more ‘faded and vintage look’. We recommend doing a few tests with your stencil first to get the desired effect).

6. Apply your paint to the stencil.

7. Peel off from one corner slowly, ensuring the paint doesn’t touch any other part of your jacket.

8. Once it is 100% dry, place a layer of fabric over the print and iron on top. This ‘cures’ the paint making it weatherproof.

9. Rub off the tailors chalk- if used.


10. You now have a fully custom P&Co deck jacket, finished the way they were first issued back in the ‘40s.

Things to consider

We don’t take any responsibility for any mistakes that may occur with your jacket. We feel that if you follow our guides and you do some test runs with your stencils first, you will create a perfect customised piece. We also don’t take any responsibility for any mishaps with your print due to bad weather or washing your jacket. Do so at your own risk!

*While stocks last.