Bringing back the boiler


It was important to us that our 10 years capsule collection was made up of statement pieces that felt commemorative. By owning a piece of this collection, it should feel as though you are owning a piece of history. We had the jacket, but we needed a women’s specific alternative that felt just as iconic.

We launched our first pair of coveralls in 2019. The Wild Days Overalls were one of the first structured & full custom pieces of womenswear that we had made.

This style was a milestone in its own right. Not only that but they were one of the most successful women’s garments to date, and a style we hadn’t revisited for a while. Featuring the same level of detail & the same varsity-style panther patch as the jacket, the Paradise Forever Boiler Suit was born. 

Coveralls, or boiler suits, first became a recognisable item of clothing during the 1920s; worn as a uniform by stokers & boiler engineers on the railways.


They became a workwear staple, chosen by tradesmen such as mechanics for their durability, protection & comfort. Bright white versions were soon adopted by motorsports pit crews for added visibility, catching the attention of musicians & the fashion industry who later repurposed them for casual wear.


The inspiration for our Paradise Forever Boiler Suit hails from those vintage Moto scenes. It has many of the same characteristics as the original, including a front zip fastening, large utilitarian pockets & an elasticated waistband. Made from a durable yet soft cotton fabric with added stretch, it also features our trademark waist adjusters and a hidden zippo lighter pocket.