Meet the women who are doing what they love, not what they're told.

We met Annelise at the Bike Shed in London earlier this year, after she'd caught our eye with her custom 1954 Triumph Bobber. As a woman who wants to see more women in the riding scene she makes the ideal addition to our 'Do What You Love, Not What You're Told Campaign', which we launched to celebrate our global community of women, but also encourage others to do whatever makes them feel free & embrace their differences.

P&Co: Introduce yourself, who is Annelise Sealy?

Annelise: I'm a social media consultant and worked for many years in London's fashion industry before moving to film with Universal Pictures. Outside of that, I contribute to Hairpin Journal and VC / Camp VC and go on regular ride outs with friends. P&Co: When did you start riding & what made you first get on a bike?

Annelise: About 3 years ago I met a friend of a friend who mentioned she was learning to ride. I'd never considered motorbikes before and it was kind of like an epiphany - that there was a community of women my age riding. I went out and booked my CBT the next day! P&Co: Your Instagram bio says 'Let's get more women riding', is this something you're passionate about?

Annelise: Absolutely - in every class I did for my license I was the only woman. It can be really intimidating turning up to classes or events and not knowing anyone, and on top of that being one of only a few women. Getting my bike license was life changing for me and I can't encourage more women to do it. P&Co: Have you ever faced any challenges as a woman in the motorcycle scene?

Annelise: To an extent - in the motorcycle scene itself no, as far as I have seen everyone is very inclusive and supportive. Outside of the motorcycle scene, however, I have come across quite a bit of sexist behaviour (both unintentional and very much intentional) and it's important to be resilient in the face of that and try and change the narrative of what women "can" and "can't" do. P&Co: How do you feel about being a part of our campaign?

Annelise: It's awesome to be featured alongside other inspiring women doing cool shit!

Follow the campaign on @pandco_women & tag us in your posts for a chance to be featured.


Annelise Sealy: @annelise_s
Photographer: Adam P Mane

Annelise is usually a UK size 10 in both tops & bottoms & is wearing a size 10 in the 'Wild Ones Never Die Ringer' & a size 8 in the 'Palms Cord Jacket'.

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