The Ricki Hall collection was something that we and Ricki had wanted to do for a long time. For Ricki it was about collaborating with the right brand, a brand that can convey his style without overdoing it.Through talking with Ricki we found that he really liked our previous t shirts that were quote based. Ricki was really keen to use the quote 'The Unlovable Heartbreaker', a quote very personal to him. This then created the whole feel and inspiration for the collection.

The collection sees a range of 3 t shirts, "The Unlovable Icons", "the Unlovable Crest" and the "Unlovable Heartbreaker" all of which come in classic white. This collection only uses white t shirts, something Ricki believes will always be a classic and timeless clothing choice.

Ricki really wanted to use a coffin shape in this collection to illustrate the 'unlovable' part of the collection. We then incorporated our clean design style with Ricki's love of tattoos, with loads of ideas going back and forth we refined the designs making them cleaner and more elegant, resulting in the final collection. A clean, minimal and refined collection.The Ricki Hall collection video is a lifestyle video. We wanted people to see who Ricki really is. A gentleman.

The video follows Ricki to the Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour and shows Ricki's love for tattoos and how truly personal 'The Unlovable Heartbreaker' is to him.

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