With this collection we wanted to get back to the roots, where things had heart and stood the test of time. When a man was judged by the sweat on his brow and not his possessions. This philosophy saw us look into old industrial techniques that required immense skill and patience. These are the traits of a craftsman.

Craftsman Collection
This t shirt is the original design that sparked the idea for the Craftsman Collection. With a focus on hand drawn typography and sign writing this t shirt is the staple tee from the collection.

Freedom & Fire Axe
This has always played a huge part in the history of construction and craftsmanship.This design illustrates the life of a woodsman; skilled, free and a man of nature. The axe is a symbol of craftsmanship and survival.

L.S.E Anvil
Being from the Heartland of the country we delved into our industrial history. We looked at the skills and tools that were used in the forging of the countries industrial capital. The anvil was a tool commonly used by blacksmiths to manipulate metal; the lifeblood of the West Midlands. This design sees a strong link to industrial hand drawn typefaces and proud, local heritage brands. Clark & Timms Ltd.

Stencil Clark & Timms
This t shirt puts an industrial guise on our Clark & Timms t shirts. Old trading brands in industrial Britain used wooden crates to ship their goods. These crates were branded using a very simple method - stencilling. These stencils were cut from sheet metal and were used and re used time after time.

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