As we’re here getting the important stuff done before our trip to a certain event in Biarritz, we sent our good friend Jessy Montoya of Hood&Co. to this year’s The Race of Gentlemen, East Coast, in our place! From what he’s told us it was a pretty epic weekend, and we’re gutted we couldn’t make it, but as stated upon the TROG website: “Time & tide wait for no man!”  

Here’s what went down:

hree days of Hotrods, Vintage Bikes and Live music, what more can a guy ask for? Making our way from Brooklyn, NY we drove four hours to the most southern beach of the New Jersey shore... Wildwood, and what a wild place it was this weekend. For what seemed like the first day of Summer on the east coast, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend to watch some of America's racing heritage go head to head.


After attending the Night of the Troglodytes event of Friday, which welcomed the attendees with drinks and a Classic Bike show, Saturday and Sunday brought about the loud engines screaming down the sandy shore and the smell of motor oil, exhaust and sea salt. It was glorious!"


-Jessy Montoya