Early Sunday Morning we dusted off our tweeds, polished our brogues & met pre-ride at ‘Shots’ Espresso Bar in Jewellery Quarter to fuel up on caffeine before setting off, with the rest of team P&Co, to Halesowen for the start of this years ‘Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride'. With over 400 riders taking part in the Birmingham ride alone, (raising £17,005 & counting for Prostate Cancer & Men’s Mental Health) you can only begin to imagine what pride, thrills & sound it created.

Coffee Meet:@shotsbysaints
Start: Street Bike, Halesowen
After Party: Mutt Motorcycles, Birmingham

Video: rhodapondproductions
helmet: @shittyhelmets

To get more of an idea we asked Lee, Jordan & Adison from the P&Co team a few questions about the ride:

P&CO: Looking at the photos from Street Bike the turnout was insane. Can you describe the atmosphere of riding amongst 400+ men and women through the city?

ADISON: Three words. Overwhelming - LOUD - Important

JORDAN: The atmosphere was overwhelming and a huge buzz, I loved watching groups of friends turn up on their bikes all looking dapper together but with their own twist. Not to mention we all made some real noise for a great cause! 

LEE: It was an amazing turnout. I tried to keep nipping in and out to ride alongside more people. I was shooting some photos as i was riding so it was fun to get in amongst some unique characters and their bikes.

P&CO: Tell us about the looks you went for- we had so many people comparing you to the ‘Peaky Blinder’s.

ADISON: Nice and simple 007 Tuxedo style, had to be done really!

JORDAN: I think I definitely captured the peaky blinders look with an old school lapel collar waist coat, tweed jacket and the famous stetson newsboy cap!

LEE: Being a big denim fan, I went full Canadian Tuxedo. The event is such an awesome excuse to celebrate your individuality so i wanted to be a little different this year! I think the flatcap has become somewhat iconic to Birmingham through the popularity of the show so it was nice to encorporate that into my outfit.

P&CO: What did you all ride? 

ADISON: Mutt Fat Sabbath 18'

JORDAN: My custom Honda CB500T

LEE: My Bonnie T100 Black.

P&CO: We’ve already raised more than half of our target funds & sponsorships are still coming in, how important do you think raising awareness for causes such as the DGR & the November Foundation are?

LEE: I think it's a really great event that obviously raises money for a great cause. I feel that we as men need to talk more so I think getting guys involved around a collective passion is great idea. Anything to get us talking and sparking conversations is a good thing in my eyes.

P&CO: What’s the plan for next year’s event, would you do it again?

LEE: 100% - I'd personally love to ride in the NYC ride. It'd be a great way to discover a new city and meet more like minded people. I would love to again sponsor the Birmingham ride, it's where we're from and we're proud of our city and the people that make it!

P&CO: And who got a tattoo at Mutt? 

LEE: I got a little working class skull with the flat cap. It's a nice little one memento from the day. The flash tattoos were awesome and done by the classic dart board, 'you get what you hit' game. Luckily my throw was on the money!

you can still support us and make a donation here: All funds will go towards The Movember Fund

More photos from the ride: