Following its release last month, we have had Architects’ newest single ‘Doomsday’ on repeat here at P&Co HQ (well at least once a day), and it’s needless to say we’re huge fans of the Brighton based, metalcore band. Since finding out that frontman Sam Carter is also partial to a bit of P&Co, we have been dying to get him featured on the journal; And when we finally get the chance, we ask him if he’d rather be a be a bee or a wasp…


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P&Co: It is clear from listening to your music & reading other interviews that you’re frustrated with the current state of the world- both politically & socially, do you aim to use your position in the public eye to guide people towards change?

SAM: We do aim to make a difference with our music and with our platform. Sometimes it can be difficult when there is people like Trump ruling over one of the biggest country's in the world, but people like Jeremy Corbyn give me hope. And often situations, like the ones we're in at the moment, bring out the strongest and most influential characters.


P&Co: Having spoken to you beforehand, you do come across as a real genuine guy. do you feel this is important for getting your message across and gaining that connection with the fans?

SAM: Firstly, thank you very much for that :) Secondly, I think it's important for people to know that we're not rockstars we're just normal people that like playing music together. We feel really lucky to be in this position we are in and we don't take it for granted.


P&Co: Some of your material from previous years has been softer- even with the melodic vocals this track is much heavier and darker. do you feel you have returned to the true architects sound? or are you just mixing things up a little?

SAM: I feel like with Doomsday we just wanted to try out something that was different to how we were sounding before. The circumstances are very strange but it was important to let people know that we're still a band and that we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

P&Co: We’ve read that the initial lyrics to your new release had been written by architects guitarist tom searle, before he very sadly passed away. was it a hard decision, for both yourself and Tom's brother Dan, to continue the song- or was it something you felt you had to do?

SAM: It was actually both the main riffs that Tom had written and we obviously loved them both but it was actually Dan that turned it into a full song. As for the vocals Dan wrote them, and I feel like it was an important thing for him to do. Moving forward we're working together and things are coming along really great. We want to honour Tom’s legacy as best we can.


P&Co: “doomsday is not from an album we’ve recorded. it’s just one song. it’s just the start. ” -can you give us any more of a clue about what’s to come?

SAM: My lips are sealed :) But what I will say is that is a stand alone single.

P&Co: You recently featured on neck deep’s (another favourite of ours) track “don’t wait”- can we expect any more collaborations?

SAM: The Neck Deep feature was really fun actually as I hadn't done one in a while. I never set out to do these things; I just wait for them to come about naturally and if the project is cool then I'm always down to sing for friends.


P&Co: Which bands or artists did you look up to growing up, are there any that you would say have influenced your own sound?

SAM: As a kid growing up I was the biggest Blink-182 fan much like most people my age. But I was completely obsessed and still am to a certain extent. We played a show with them recently and it was completely surreal.

P&Co: When you’re not on tour or in the studio, what else do you get up to?

I live with my beautiful girlfriend and our amazing dog Sophia. I go to the gym a lot and just try to keep myself as busy as I can without going stir crazy.

SAM: We know you have a couple of our pieces, but what do you think of p&co as a brand?

I really like the brand and it's been cool watching it grow. It's all stuff that I would happily spend money on, but you guys and gals are too lovely and send me stuff :) Also watching how quickly the organisation got back on its feet after the fire was super cool.


P&Co: Is the tour with stick to your guns coming to the uk?

SAM: Nah we did that last year :) 

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