If you don’t know who BLACK HONEY are, get to know.

The UK based band consisting of front-woman Izzy B. Phillips, guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor and drummer Tom Dewhurst.

We sat down with BLACK HONEY to discuss all things fashion, music and touring, and while we were at it we asked them to create a playlist filled with the tunes they’re currently listening to!

Black Honey Interview UK

P&Co: For those who don’t know, who are ‘Black Honey’?
Black Honey: We are a Tarrantino rock and roll pop band. We put our self titled debut album out in September this year!

P&Co: The last time we met, you guys were supporting Royal Blood in Birmingham, what’re you up to at the moment?
Black Honey: We just finished our debut album headline tour across the UK and Europe then spent a week locked away in a barn in Normandy putting together the pieces for the next record.

P&Co: Are there any artists, musically or otherwise who you would say have inspired you?
Black Honey: Nancy Sinatra, Nirvana, Elvis, The Beatles and The Strokes we also love Andy Warhol and the whole factory scene.

P&Co: It’s clear you have a very iconic sense of style, but who would you say, style-wise, makes you look up, past or present?
Black Honey: I love characters from movies or cartoons like Mia Wallace or the characters from Alex Prager's photography. I also really love 1960s pin ups.

P&Co: What ‘Provisions’ or gig essentials do you always take on tour with you?
Black Honey: A lot of booze. Usually tequila and beers. I have a lucky red dress that I wear if I’m feeling like shit it’s kind of my magic feather.

P&Co: And finally what are you currently listening to?
Black Honey: Warhaus - I’m Not Him Warm Drag - Cave Crawl Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love

We’ve added all of the tunes that BLACK HONEY are currently rocking out to into our Radio P&Co Vol.9 ‘BLACK HONEY’ playlist on Spotify. Have a listen and follow the playlist below!