Black Friday 2023


Black Friday is a period typically associated with fast fashion, quick sales and heavy discounts. That is not our approach. We keep discounts minimal throughout the year so that, when it comes to this season, we can provide customers with the opportunity to purchase something of value & invest in something timeless at a slightly reduced price. We also give ourselves the opportunity to sell through stock, rather than just dispose of it.

Each piece we create reflects the time, resources and quality materials we put into them and our sales should be no different. This prep we put into our Black Friday Sale is slow- carefully considering each markdown, curating stand-out marketing and placing restocks on desirable products that we know you want to see online. 

Our Most Transparent Black Friday Yet

No surprises! This year we have committed to one top tier discount that will run throughout the entire Black Friday period, so you can rest knowing you got the best price even if you get in there early. No product will discounted by more than 40%. If by some chance, a product you purchased during the Black Friday period (16th November 2023- 26th November 2023) does get reduced further between those dates, we will give you the difference in store credit to use at a later date.

We have also published a calendar which highlights the daily events & promotions that will take place over our Black Friday period, allowing you to curate & plan your Black Friday shopping experience. A word of warning- get in there early to secure your size and avoid disappointment.

Our FREE packs of patches, stickers, and postcards are subject to availability. First come, first serve!

The Black Card

We are giving all of our Loyalty Dept. customers the opportunity to pick up an exclusive Black Card during this Black Friday period.

Each Black Card features a unique 20% off discount code to be used at a later date. In previous years, we included a physical card in orders- this year we have instead opted for a digital version, which is not only more sustainable but it also gives customers a chance to sign up to THE LOYALTY DEPT. & claim their card following the sale period.

To be eligible for the Black Card, you must make an order between November 16th- 26th, and create an account by December 31st.

Our Black Card offer will be sent to our Loyalty Dept. via email on January 1st 2024