MFG. No.79732822

MFG. No.79732822

MFG. No.79732822 was ‘unofficially founded’ in 2007 by its current owner Caglar who, as a former musician, started out printing band merchandise. The factory was later launched as a limited company in 2009- working from a 130 square metre workshop consisting of a small office space & printing shop.

By 2015 they had grown into a team of 25 & opened a 2500 square metre factory enabling the introduction of sportswear production, in-house cutting & sampling. However, meeting the demand for a more socially responsible & sustainable factory, they soon downsized to create a space that was both comfortable for the ever-growing team & new departments, but also had less impact on the planet.

Our Relationship

We first began working together around 2 and a half years ago. We were in search of a manufacturer that we trusted to produce our fully custom t-shirts to an ethical standard. Having moved away from printing our designs on blanks 2 years prior, we weren’t 100% satisfied that what we were putting out met our vision. We visited MFG. No.79732822, who impressed us with their use of advanced technology, the other brands they had worked with & the general working conditions of the factory.

We have since worked with them to produce a wider range of jersey products including hoodies & sweatshirts, and most recently our Crafted Heavyweight T-shirts.

Ethics & Sustainability

MFG. No.79732822 are continuously working on factory & production processes to become a more sustainable manufacturer, with their approach being able to create quality products with minimal resources. 

Within the factory facilities they have installed compressed air sources & energy efficient LED technology throughout, solar panels on the roof aquate for 50% if the energy demand, and rain water is collected to use as grey water within production.

MFG. No.79732822 follow all local employee rights laws & regulations and follow strict measures- implementing the use of PPE, measuring air quality & regularly testing drinking water & food.

Process & Materials

One of the things that MFG. No.79732822 is most proud of, and one of the reasons we chose to work with them is their use of ERP software. It allows for an efficient manufacturing process that can be closely monitored, which also means that they are able to keep us in the loop with every stage of production.

They are also known for their responsible sourcing programme- putting any potential supplier through a detailed evaluation and performance monitoring. All fabric suppliers are also certified with OEKO Tex, GOTS, OCS, GRS & RCS.

MFG. No.79732822 do not use any processes or use any materials that could be potentially harmful to workers or customers.