Ricki Hall | Unlovable

We are proud to release our latest instalment in partnership with Ricki Hall, ‘Unlovable’.

‘Unlovable’ runs parallel to our Desires & Liars collection in which we created a motorcycle fuelled world based around 2 motorcycle gangs. Unlovable belongs very much in this world, a British twist on Americana. This collection consists of 2 t shirts, 1 black and white 3/4 sleeved raglan and an American trucker cap.

When we pitched the idea of this collection to Ricki we knew he would love it. Ricki has grown up surrounded by bikes having worked in his Dad’s motorcycle garage back in the Midlands. This collection sees Ricki celebrate his roots and lets us see a little more about his character.


This design sees us take what everyone has loved from previous P&Co x Ricki Hall collaborations and re create it into a new direction. We took the inverted coffin symbol now synonymous with Ricki and did a new spin on in it, working in a lightning bolt to symbolise being a leader of the pack. The back of this tee sees a large print of the ‘Death Rider’ design.

Unlovable Heartbreaker MC

This design again adopts the new altered inverted coffin as the familiar front chest print. The reverse print features the name in which Ricki is now commonly know ‘The Unlovable Heartbreaker’. This tee is the next evolution in the Unlovable Heartbreaker.


Since the Pray to be Stronger collection was released Ricki has been wearing his P&Co sports raglan. Ricki really wanted to release one as part of this new Unlovable collection. This design sees Ricki appear as a cafe racer with his helmet hand painted with “A Wanderer is never lost”.


After the launch of the Slick Ricks collection and how taken back we were from the response we had we thought it would be rude not to carry this theme through to the new Unlovable line. The Slick Ricks Raglan depicts Mr Hall in a 1990's esk portrait sporting cigarets and a zippo in a vouge sort of manner. We love it!

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