Hand Made In Birmingham, England


Ever since the foundation of P&Co we’ve always maintained our passion for fantastic leather goods. After spending the last few months designing and refining every detail it’s with pleasure that we are able to launch our very first leather collection simply called “Hand Made in Birmingham, England”.

For this collection we wanted to really emphasise the quality and simplicity of the leather we’re using, by not over-designing so we kept the items quite raw which has in turn created leather goods that are much more personal. These products are intended to wear over time and develop into truly unique, individual pieces. We can’t wait to see how you use them and how they mature.

We’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with one of, if not the best leather manufacturers in Birmingham. We’re proud of being Midlands based and we wanted to showcase the fact that great, handmade leather goods are still produced here in Birmingham by truly skilled local people.

In true P&Co fashion we took time to carefully select only the best leathers and materials possible to produce the most unique, ‘built-to-last’ products we could. Attention was paid to every detail right down to the threads that were used and all new 'handmade in Birmingham, England' embossed signature. We want you to be proud that your product was made for you by local hands in Birmingham, England.

The video we've created will give you an insight into the process and the work that goes into making our leather goods. All items are durable and sophisticated. With a key focus on functionality we believe we have created some truly beautiful products that encapsulate our mantra of Life, Style and Elegance.


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