We caught up with photographer Vince Perraud as he headed out early in the morning in his 944 Turbo, to catch the first light of the day along the Biarritz coast.
P&Co: Introduce yourself, who is Vince Perraud?
Vince: Hey, what's up? So I come from Burgundy in the middle of France; known mostly for good red wine. I'm now based in Biarritz in the south of France- which is nice! I have been a full-time photographer for the last 15 years, and I have to admit this job takes up a lot of my time, but when I do find the time I like to work on my old cars or just relax with my friends at Côtes des Basques (a beach in France) & enjoy the sunset. P&Co: What drives your creativity?
Vince: Hmm, creativity comes from everywhere, but I have to say my friends are a great daily inspiration. They are really talented in different domains. Travelling is also amazing as it gives you different perspectives and there's always something to learn! I'd also say that light also plays an important part in my photography style. P&Co: What is your favourite time of the day to shoot?
Vince: I would like to say that it is the first light of the day! It's really ephemeral so you have to be quick. It's also usually more peaceful, so it usually gives a nice atmosphere. I like the pink/blue/orange light that is created during this part of the day. P&Co: What gear do you use- which is your go to lens?
Vince: So for job stuff, I'm really lucky to get help from Fuji for digital, with models like the XT3 or the GFX which is a digital medium format- the quality is insane and now my equipment is light... On the lense side, they hook me up with a bunch of stuff from wide angles- 16mm to 200mm long, and a bunch of primes! Sometimes I like to keep shooting with my good old Pentax 67 or my Yashica T4. P&Co: We see you shooting a lot of cars, particularly Porsches- do you have a favourite model?
Vince: Ahaha yeah, I kinda like road trips! And I'm fortunate to have great friends with nice cars as well. My favourite is probably my '68 912 which is a work in progress (used in Lomo series), it was really fucked up but little by little it is coming back to life! She needs a lot of love but 'Cactus' will hopefully soon be on the road! P&Co: Is there a project or collaboration you're especially proud of?
Vince: Hm, I'm kinda proud to make a living with photography and work with people who trust me and allow me to make a living. But I'm gonna release my first book real soon, and at the moment I'm psyched about this long time project!  

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