While the sun is still trying to make an appearance, we’re taking every opportunity we can to get out on the bikes. Last week we went on a quick ride around Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter (home to P&Co HQ) with our CEO & Co-founder Adison and his new Mutt Fat Sabbath.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the upcoming collection and, as we make the move into autumn, to choose his top 5 city ride products (from our current range) that will have you covered for the coming season.
*Shout out to Joey over at @shittyhelmets for the badass custom helmet!

P&Co: First things first, how’re you finding the new bike?

Adison: Awesome, we've been in and out of the Mutt store in Digbeth, Birmingham, since the day they opened and I thought it was about time I took one out for a ride. After about 30 minutes, riding & just hearing the Fat Sabbath I immediately went back to their HQ and ordered one! It's truly the most fun I've had on a road legal custom motorcycle - I see big things on the map for these guys in 2019 on a global level.

P&Co: We have our new A/W collection coming soon, how has the brand changed since you founded it back in 2013?

Adison: One word. Energetically! It's been a whirlwind few years for Lee and I, starting the brand out of coffee shops, running distribution centres out of our parents houses and taking on our very first full time employee(s)! 
The brand is now producing some of the best quality clothing we've ever made to a level to rival some of the biggest global brands! I really can't wait for everyone to see our latest collection and to watch what we have lined up in the upcoming weeks! There's a few products I personally cannot wait for!

P&Co: What can we expect from the new Autumn collection?

Adison: FLAMES. No I'm kidding (or am I....)! In my opinion there are some real stand out graphics that I think some of our loyal customers are going to really enjoy but on the flip side Lee and the design team have really switched up some of the newer designs and I think they're heading down a new contemporary but still "P&Co" path which i think is going to open the brand up to a new type of customer.

P&Co: Anything else to look out for in the coming months?

Adison: Would I really give that away!?! You'll have to wait and see…

P&Co: What’re you’re favourite things about Autumn?

Adison: OK, so my favourite things about Autumn are...(in no order) Good Coffee, Cold Mornings, Autumn Colours, Neat Whisky, Camp Fires.

Adisons’s Top 5 City Ride Products:

This high quality washed denim jacket - with it’s bold direct embroidery is never gonna go unnoticed on the road. As a slim-fit item, we recommend sizing up if you want to layer a hoodie underneath, or just prefer a more regular fit.

Fix it to your jeans or bag and it’ll have your helmet hair covered. A transitional piece that won’t look out of place- no matter what time of the year. 

A firm favourite at P&Co HQ. We all have one of these attached to our keys. Made with vegetable tanned leather these boys only get better with age.

For when the gear comes off and you still want to look badass. The ‘Bad Vibes’ tee has an oil-look wash and quality direct embroidery. A best seller from our Summer collection that will take you right through to Autumn.

5.Red Wing Heritage Boots
We’re aware that these aren’t from P&Co, but they’re 100% a must have for any city ride. A classic work boot with oil slick leather- we’ve all got a pair!

More photos from the ride: