From our mere beginnings back in 2013, P&Co has evolved and grown rapidly- but we’re not going to stop there. It’s important for us to constantly question and rework our brand until it’s the biggest and best it can be. P&Co is a lifestyle brand that provides for the risk-takers, the thrill-seekers and the wild ones; and in order to take it to the next level we knew our branding needed to better represent these values. We needed to develop a stronger brand identity to showcase what we’re about, and to firmly re-define Provision & Co.




The Process


We’re not going to claim it’s been an easy process, cause’ it’s been a freakin’ long one! But it has been an exciting one. We started about 5 months ago, as a team we all sat together with a bunch of ideas and other visuals that inspired us.

“I’ve always been inspired by old motorcycle badges, and with bikes being such a big part of the brand, I felt that it was only right to take influence from them. If the logo could work on the side of a tank it would work for us!”-Lee Timms, Co-founder & Creative Director.


It was a case of looking at our values & working out how we could incorporate them into new logos that would work as part of our new branding system.



We scribbled down a ton of rough concepts, mock-ups and ideas wherever we could- on coffee shop napkins, layout paper and notebooks… all to give us a feel of possible layouts and composition.  Once we had a general idea of what we wanted it was straight back onto paper to define and develop those initial drawings.



We thought we’d nailed it a few times. Like with all our designs, we pinned them up on our wall for a while and just kept on looking at them. If they didn’t feel right a few weeks later then they were scrapped. Even with those designs that still worked, we continued to tweak and edit them- thinking about colour, legibility and purpose, until we had developed a series of marks that perfectly tell the P&Co story.




The Logos

We decided to create a ‘logo system’ consisting of 3 marks that would convey the brand exactly- we felt that a series of icons and a solid set of rules & guidelines would allow us to be the graphic and dynamic brand that we are.

P&Co England: Being a loud and graphic brand meant that we could get away with a drastic change in direction with the primary logo and design something completely new! We opted for an emblem style; something with an iconic shape that we knew would stand out. We also wanted to re-enforce the fact that we are an English brand; an element that we have found beneficial as an international company and something our customers love.




Provision Tiger: The tiger biting the lightning bolt symbolises the ‘live for the moment’ attitude and that feeling of being out on the road that we wanted to emulate. You never know what’s around the corner; and the ‘Provision Tiger’ represents the wild and youthful recklessness we all have.




P&Co Horizontal: We felt that it was important to update the old ‘horizontal type logo’ for secondary labelling and for products upon which the main ‘emblem’ logo may not work. We wanted to ensure that the new typeface could sit proud and confident on its own. The concept was to mimic a motorcycle- low to the ground and robust.