Despite the mud & wet conditions, we made it out to the Malle Mile Festival 2019 along with this years race rider’s, who showed up in their droves.

Photography: Tom Kahler (@tomkahler)A non-stop celebration of speed, music & the art of motorcycle culture - distinguished hooligans enjoyed the shenanigans ‘Whatever The Weather’. 

We were back at the grounds of South London’s Kevington Hall for the most inappropriate motorcycle racing festival in the country - ready to witness another year of custom builds & vintage rides ripping up the turf.

The madness sprawled from the Hill Climb, to the Sprint Race, the Mile Derby & the infamous Motopolo event (Helmets recommended)!

The Motopolo final came down to Royal Enfield vs the Malle London boys & ended in a thrilling draw with mud-splatters, skids & participants donning their sporting attire, it was definitely one to remember! This years spills weren’t only saved for the race tracks - artist D*Face’s priceless canvas made for the event mysteriously set ablaze during the Malle Mile fire tradition - expect the unexpected at Malle!

As spectators of this years show, we loved how everyone took part & ‘ran what they brung’. It wasn’t all about winning, it was more about getting stuck in and giving it a go, rain or shine!

Shoutout to Tom (@tomkahler) for taking these shots of the event. Check out more shots of what went down at Malle Mile, London below: