Interested in photography since the mid-1980s, Johannes Huwe’s recent work has focused on documentary and landscape photography.  His current series “The Race of Gentlemen” documents the daredevil racing at the beach from Wildwood, New Jersey.  In addition to numerous exhibitions, Huwe’s work has appeared in Lifestyle and Automagazine like the Автопилот (Autopilot) magazine from Moskow.  For his documentary work, Huwe travels around the globe to remote spots including the Atacama desert in Chile, Greenland to craft a portrait of the indigenous Inuit people or a several week-long expedition to Antarctica.  Huwe still prefers to use analog photography for his work, which we at P&Co can't get enough of.

If you're a fan of Johannes Huwe and his work, great news!  He has released a book of his prints, available here.  Each copy is hand signed and numbered, and they are limited to just 500 copies.  Prints of his photographs are also available here if you're after some wall art, but good luck choosing just one!  We've included some more of his awesome work in case you missed our last post.