P&Co Tattoo Tour 2022

An Interview With

Delphin Musquet

Hosting the first event of our Tattoo Tour will be Studio Sans Patrie, owned by friend & face of P&Co Delphin Musquet. When he dropped into the studio to model our Spring 2022 collection, we took the chance to talk about the tour & his backstory as a tattoo artist.

The P&Co Tattoo Tour launches Friday 25th March 2022 and run through until the end of July.

P&Co: You’ve been shooting with us for a good few years now, but for those who don’t know you tell us a bit about yourself.

I have lived in the UK for about 11 years now, and the UK is where I learned to tattoo. I have been tattooing for 5 years, time flies, and I am currently opening up my new studio ‘Studio Sans Patrie’ by Old Street, in the Shoreditch area of London. I’m really excited to take on this project, as it will be amalgamating a few of my other passion projects together in the process.

Would you say growing up in France has influenced your work at all? Is there anyone or anything else that does inspire your work?

I don’t personally think that coming from France influences my work but I’m probably wrong, or at least partially wrong. In reality, I reckon every place I’ve been or lived has influenced me in some way or another. 

Influences come from everywhere but also come and go. In general, I’d say my biggest influence would be my own ideology to keep a balance between contemporary and old-fashioned. I always try to create something timeless.

Are we right in thinking that you’d never really drawn before buying your first tattoo gun?

You’re right indeed. I was broke and needed some cheeky tattoos, so I thought I would just try it myself. And here I am lol.

It’s only recently that you opened your studio- how has the process of opening & owning your first studio been?

It wasn’t a process for me but more of a necessity. I needed something/ somewhere to re-group all my projects and having a studio and a place to call my own just made sense! And if it means I can support the homies at the same time, I had to do it.

What plans do you have for Studio Sans Patrie?

Oh wow, many! The brand has evolved a lot and keeps on evolving. I have a lot of merchandise and collaborations on the way already, so I’m trying to juggle between projects at the moment. I’m going to use this platform to flourish my design ideas. As a creative, I really enjoy designing all sorts of things, so yes, I’m hoping to create a lot with the studio.

Finally, what can we expect from you guys at the opening of the tattoo tour?

The universe of the studio is specialised in fine line aesthetic, so you will find some of the best intricate & delicate work around. We’re expecting a couple of guest artists too.

Confirmed artists: @delphinmusquet, @21x29.7, @badmoodmarty, @ophelyajeandat, @chaosgallery, @kanztattoo, @aleksandra.tattoos, @jwilltattoo, @holidayjello, @rufio.tattoo, @gracereedtattoo.

The first Tattoo Tour flash day takes part at Studio Sans Patrie, London, on Friday 25th March 10am-8pm. As Studio Sans Patrie is a private studio bookings will need to be made with the artists directly. No walk-ins for this one!

Please keep an eye out across our social channels, follow the artists taking part & @studio.sanspatrie for updates and flash sheets.