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P&Co: So you're currently working as a content creator for Triumph Motorcycles, what does that role consist of?

Grant: I create content for Triumph's global audience. Anything from on location campaign photography to covering international bike launches for the brand.

P&Co: Would you say your own photography style is very much ‘moto' orientated?

Grant: In some ways, but a lot of inspiration is taken from adventure photography and I strive to tell a story with my work.

P&Co: What is your current camera of choice?

Grant: My current camera of choice for automotive photography, is a Canon 5D MK4. My lens of choice is 70-200 2.8. This combination is super quick and perfect for catching high-speed action. I also use a Canon 24-70mm as an all-rounder. I’ve recently started using a Fuji X100F for lifestyle and travel, as it’s a perfect camera to carry daily. It’s given me the freedom to help define my current style.

P&Co: And for people starting out, experimenting with photography what would you recommend?

Grant: What camera you use shouldn’t matter, some of my favourite images were taken on an iPhone. My advice to any new photographer is to take photos at every opportunity, no matter what format you are using. Experimentation is key to help define your style as well as what you enjoy.

P&Co: When did you first pick up the camera?

Grant: I first picked up a camera when studying graphic design at university. My first camera was a Nikon FM2 35mm. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I made the switch to digital. By shooting analogue beforehand, it made it easier to pick up a digital camera, as I already had a deep understanding of the basics.

P&Co: We’ve noticed you travel around quite a bit, have you got any favourite places you’ve visited?

Grant: Colorado for sure. Mountainous terrain, pine trees and long winding roads.

P&Co: Tell us about your van, did you kit it out yourself?

Grant: The van started out as an ex-builders van. I wanted to create a self-built camper and the VWT4 was an obvious place to start. It’s fair to say I built most of it myself; with that said, it’s been a huge learning curve as I’ve had no experience with carpentry. I’ve built the van in phases, over the course of several years, and the design of it has gradually evolved to serve my needs. It gives me the freedom to get away at every opportunity. For that reason it’s my pride and joy.

P&Co: We know you’re good friends with our Creative Director Lee, is that how you found out about the brand?

Grant: I’ve known Lee since college and we’re good friends. I like to think we’ve pushed each other creatively and helped each other out along the way. I’ve followed the brand since the beginning and watched it grow from strength to strength. You could say I’m a P&Co advocate!

P&Co: And finally what do you think of the new collection?

Grant: I really dig the new collection. I love the south west Cali surf vibe. It reminds me of the late 60s surf-skate scene which I’m all about!