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Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: You’re the founder of ‘Critters Surfboards’, when did you begin the venture and how is it all going?

Caleb: I started Critters Surfboards about a year and a half ago, and it honestly has been moving along so fast! I didn't think it was going to catch on so well haha just do what you dig and maybe others will too.

P&Co: Where does the tooth logo come from?

Caleb: The tooth is half human and half critter to symbolize that if you ride a critter you are a critter.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: We saw on your Instagram that you made a board for musician Tash Sultana, are there any other stand out people that you’ve made customs for?

Caleb: Ya that was so fun to be able to make such a rad girl like her a board! We also made boards for Nora Vasconcellos, Jack Freestone, and Alana Blanchard.

P&Co: What are doing when you’re not surfing or shaping?

Caleb: Doin' cool kid things with my Wife!! haha like watching the office and harry potter.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: How old were you when you started surfing?

Caleb: I didn't get to start surfing consistently until I moved to L.A. at 26... don't know how I survived before.

P&Co: Do you have any surf icons or just anyone who inspires you to keep getting back on the board?

Caleb: Damn right I do! Basically if Asher Pacey, Ozzie Wright, Jack Freestone, Craig Anderson, Mikey Wright or Chippa Wilson have any new videos or clips out I am going to watch it an unhealthy amount of times.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: What is it about surfing that you dig?

Caleb: I love that it makes me feel like a kid!

P&Co: Have you got any surf-related stories worth telling us about?

Caleb: Nothin' too cool besides the usual great white in the water and whales- all that jazz.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: You’re lucky to have year round sun & waves in California, where are the best surf spots?

Caleb: Ya I am very lucky to be here! The best spots in cali are the most crowded so you won't find me there... I'll be in some spot where no one else is, with 1 or 2 friends.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Caleb Moritz, surfer &co

P&Co: Our latest collection takes a lot of influence from vintage surf styles, what do you think of the new stuff?

Caleb: Really digging the colors you've been going with (I'm a sucker for good colors) and the graphics are classic!