P&Co's "Milestone" pre-spring collection is simply based around two contrasting fabrics that we are all familiar with and are ‘daily-basics’. Denim & Cloth.

Stimulated by 1920's gentlemanly formal wear and the definitive denim-jacket of the 1960's we united these two building-blocks to create our pre-spring collection. This collection has been designed by Clark & Timms in the UK from ‘pencil-to-product’ and establishes the first P&Co landmark-products of the year.

The title of this collection "Milestone" was evident at the very start of our creative processes when we were looking into colour palette for our new  ‘Ollie’ Henley's. The very light stone colour fabric we chose suited perfectly and re-affirmed the fact that this is the first of many milestone collections you can expect from P&Co in 2015.

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