The Lone Wolf: ʻ A man who lives independently rather than with others as a member of a packʼ.

The Lone Wolf collection sees us take inspiration from vintage military/navy issued goods and workwear.

We looked into the how military goods were branded and incorporated that into our designs and garments. The Lone Wolf is a character who derived from us debating who would win the Desires/ Liars feud.

We wanted to forge a collection around one single character. A character with mystery, you donʼt know his background, his past or who he is. Was he a Desire? Was he a Liar?

We wanted a really British feel to this collection so we decided to shoot the lookbook in what has been a key contributing city to Englandʼs industrial history; Liverpool. With huge industrial and Maritime history, Liverpool was the perfect location for us to hint at a moment in the Lone Wolfʼs history/present.

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