A few weeks back we made our way down to East London’s Tobacco Docks for the commencing day of the International London Tattoo Convention. The 13th edition of the ever successful event brought in over 400 hand-selected tattoo artists from each corner of the globe.


We spent all day meeting some of the most talented artists; working with western traditional, flash, Japanese, photorealistic and traditional hand-tapped styles, and picked up an absolute ton of inspiration! Alongside the tattooist stalls and art exhibitions- including the “Imperial Tattoo Army”- which showcased artists’ designs printed onto Stormtrooper battle spec bodysuits and helmets, there were also numerous live acts and bands, catwalks and the show-stopping Fuel Girls.


We can only imagine what the Saturday was like- we’re guessing bigger and better, but one thing’s for certain… we’re all off to book in for our next tattoo!


Visit the London Tattoo Convention’s website for artist details.